Cadet (Age 6+)

Using fun and educational software including Scratch, Minecraft & Roblox, Code Adventure Cadets will begin their journey into the fundamentals of computer science by learning the basics of coding and arranging coloured blocks of code.


  • 12-16 weekly classes per term, each class is 1.5 hours long

  • Class size up to 6 students

  • Lessons conducted in English


  • Laptop

  • Minecraft JAVA Edition (when taking Minecraft course)

  • Creative Mindset


  • Private 1-on-1: $900(per 90 min class)

  • Group Class:    +$200 (per additional student)

  • 10% Discount if you pre-purchase 10 classes

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About Scratch (Age: 6+)

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is provided free of charge.

Minecraft Modding

Minecraft Modding (Age: 8+)

Minecraft Modding is all about giving the power back to the players. “Mods” is short for modifications, which are made by users to generate and create different, innovative and new game experiences, in order to boost, enhance and heighten their gameplay.

Code Adventure Cadets will learn to build Minecraft Mods using colourful blocks of code (similar to Scratch), JavaScript and JAVA.

Roblox Coding (Age: 8+)

Roblox enables anyone to imagine, create, and have fun with friends as they explore millions of immersive 3D experiences, all built by a global community of developers.

In this course, Code Adventure Cadets will learn how to code Roblox games using colorful blocks of code. Throughout the course, Cadet’s have the ability to view and modify the real Lua code generated by the blocks.